About the Project

On March 3, 2009, the Port of Everett Commission unanimously approved a comprehensive historical interpretive program that will honor the lumber and shingle mills, commercial fishing industry and boat building on the development of Everett.

Under the agreement, the Port, Historic Everett, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and the State Historic Preservation Officer embarked on the master planning process to develop the historical program’s content and identify locations throughout the Marina District between 10th and 18th Street and West Marine View Drive. The exhibits will be located at Waterfront Center, the Fishermen's Tribute Plaza, the boat launch park, the west end park, the 14th Street walkway and the Weyerhaeuser Building.

“This is a wonderful project, and will be great addition to our marina facilities,” Port of Everett Executive Director John Mohr said. “This interpretive program will connect our Port District residents and visitors with our rich history, and the program will serve as a great piece of community capital for our area.”

The Port of Everett hired local historians Larry and Jack O’Donnell to assemble a comprehensive history of the industries for use in the interpretive program. This history was used as the framework for the interpretive program and this website.

“We firmly believe that the agreement, which was collaboratively crafted by the Port, The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and the State Historic Preservation Officer, will result in a project that will be a source of pride for the Port,” said Valerie Steel, President of Historic Everett. “This interpretive program will be a worthy compliment to the waterfront, as well as an interesting and enjoyable amenity for the community.”

The Port and the historical agencies entered into this comprehensive agreement as part of the 12th Street Marina Redevelopment Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which was signed in August 2005. This separate contractual agreement satisfies the stipulation for an interpretive program within the MOA, while allowing the program to be  implemented over a five year time period. The program cost is not to exceed $400,000.

“The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is pleased to see the Port of Everett moving forward with an interpretive program for the 12th Street Marina Redevelopment Project that will reflect multiple aspects of Everett’s rich maritime and industrial history,” said Jennifer Meisner, Executive Director of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. “This program will honor the legacy of the area’s commercial fishing, boat building, and lumber and shingle mills, reminding residents and visitors both of the role these industries played in Everett’s development.”

The Port of Everett would like to thank our historic agency partners for their contributions to the Everett North Waterfront Interpretive Program.  They include:

Historic Everett
2112 Rucker Avenue #8
Everett WA 98201

Washington State Department of Archeology & Historic Preservation
1063 S. Capitol Way
Suite 106
Olympia, WA  98501
Phone:  (360) 586-3065

Washington Trust for Historic Preservation
1204 Minor Ave  Seattle, WA 98101
Phone:  (206) 624-9449

The Port of Everett would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for use of their photo collection throughout our interpretive program. 

Their generosity has helped bring the history of our waterfront to life and will provide many generations to come with insight of the historical industries that shaped our community. 

  • Barbara and Jim Piercey
  • Bob Mayer
  • Dave Ramstad
  • Douglas C. O’Donnell
  • Dr. Andrews Martinis
  • Ellen Hiatt
  • Ellen Southard
  • Everett Herald
  • Everett Public Library
  • Jack C. O’Donnell collection
  • Jean Ringen Lilly
  • Jerry Solie
  • Kathy Podovan Wilson and Patricia Lee Padovan Myers
  • Lawrence E. O’Donnell collection
  • Morris family collections
  • Otto Chase
  • Pringle and Eklund Photographed
  • Seattle Times
  • Stephanie Martinis Jones
  • Susie and Jon Borovina
  • University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections Division
  • William Whitfield Snohomish, County History, Volume II, 1926