• A Possible Comeback

    A comeback for the Everett commercial fishing industry is clearing a long shot.

  • Continued Decline

    Every year, the boats that got more complicated and every year the fish got scarcer.

  • 2011 - The Fisherman Tribute Statue

    The Fisherman Tribute Statue was unveiled honoring the contributions made by the men and women of Everett’s fishing community: “those who fished, worked in the canneries, mended nets, and waited for fishermen to come home.”

  • 2013 and Beyond

    The Port of Everett continues to honor the rich heritage of the lumber and shingle, commercial fishing and boat building industry through its operations and this historical interpretive program.

  • 2013 - Fishing Still Visible Part of Waterfront

    Fishing remained a visible part of the waterfront.

  • Comercial Fishing Influences

    Because of how important fishing was to Everett's economy, entire families were involved in the support businesses that accompanied the fleet. Many different members of the community contributed in different ways, resulting in everything for fishing being bought in Everett.